Thursday, June 14, 2012

More knitting...

Blogger finally works on my computer again.  I was having some technical difficulties there for a couple weeks.So, I can now show one of my recently completed projects. 

He asked for a green sweater with a hood and buttons down the front.  He couldn't decide on what colour green, so I found this cool camo blend and he loved it.  I have used it previously to make a skull cap and gloves for his older brother.  I should post pic of those, too.  It 100% wool and he thinks it's a little itchy, but once it's cool enough to wear it, he'll wear long sleeves under it anyway.

I definitely like the pattern and I'll use it again, for sure.  I'd like to try it again and modify it with a zipper instead of button holes.

 My memory is blanking on the name of the book I got the pattern from.  Chicks with Sticks patterns for Older Kids or something like that.  I'll have to remember to post it.

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