Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I do love a good cup of tea...

This is my Brown Betty.  She was a gift from my Mom a long time ago,  15 years or more.  She sent it to me for Xmas the year I moved to the States.

Betty is the best.  I flash her with some boiling water, throw in a couple PG Tips or Yorkshire Gold bags and have the best tea, ever!  I'm a British tea snob, sorry Red Rose.

It really is about the teapot.  I have other ones.... Nope, not the same. Inferior tea.

It is always time for tea as far as I am concerned.  (and we are talking about HOT tea, not iced) All seasons,but especially winter, as a North Texas winter is particularly chilly.  One would not expect that, but even my parents, died in the wool Saskatchewan Prairie people, find a Texas winter to be really cold. So again, anytime is tea time.  If you are sick, sad, stressed, happy, healthy, relaxing, visiting..... you get the idea.

Well, Betty needed a cosy.  After a good strong 15 year friendship, the least I can do is knit something for her.  So, I used up some beautiful hand dyed yarn I had left over from a cabled hat project. It was so gorgeous, I was glad to be able to use every last inch of it.  I got it from a knitting blogger I discovered.

  The Sitting Tree  http://thesittingtree.blogspot.com/

She has a great little Esty shop with lots of lovely things. I have purchased yarn, soap and patterns from her.  It is her source of income and she and her husband and kids are working towards moving off the grid.  Her blog is well done and very interesting.

I digress...

Tea Cosy - 100% superwash worsted in the colorway - Holidazzle, brought to you and me by The Sitting Tree.

Hmmm...   Now I need to post about scones. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Microbiology and the Art of Knitting...

 This is what I am doing while I am supposed to be studying micro-biology.  It's not that I don't like micro.  I actually really like it. Its relevant and interesting and something I never really learned enough about in nursing school. 


We went to the farmers market and there were these wonderful ladies that were spinning fiber and selling their hand-spun.  I bought the most gorgeous, soft, pink and green and cream hand-spun with green sparkles.  I love sparkles.


I put it in my stash, but I kept having to go and touch it and smell it and hold it and then i started looking at patterns and then I found a hat with cables and then I cast on and then I started knitting, I couldn't help myself.


I worked on my hat and read micro power points at the same time.  Multitasking.  Using my left and right brain together for the greater good of knitkind.

The finished product  with enough left over to make fingerless mittens, too!!
 (I hate taking pictures of myself, they always turn out weird)

  (That's my fur dog, Joey in the background.)